Meeting minutes – 2 November 2023

November Members Meeting at York Hospital Social Club- 2 November 2023


Apologies: Brandon Bishop, Andy McEvoy, Mark Benton, Matt Messias 

The meeting began at 19:34 with 28 members present for the guest speaker Andy Himsworth, FL Match Observer and FA CORE Performance Coach

Chairman Alan introduced Andy before welcoming new faces in the room. He then commended the award of Dave King’s 50 years service to football award at the recent North Riding FA awards dinner. Special mention also given to member Andy Kay who received ‘referee of the year.’

Local issues- Macaulay Gibson talked us through his issue at Bridlington Town with two Brighouse town players fighting each other on the half time whistle. Members were asked what they would do in this situation. It was agreed that both players needed to be sent off for their actions and that it needed to be communicated to the management team if the player has gone into the dressing room before being shown the red card.

Gaz Rhodes also brought up a situation in law that has happened recently with a goalkeeper slipping and taking a goal kick but after realising the striker would get the ball he picks it up. Many different outcomes were discussed with the correct outcome being a red card for DOGSO and indirect free kick to the attacking team. 

Barry Casterton gave an insight into safeguarding explaining how the minor league are fully supporting all referees if there are any issues at games.  


Andy Himsworth (Unplugged):

Andy gave us a very insightful presentation beginning with an introduction of who he is and how he got to where he is. This was before playing the ‘infamous’ game ref or chef in which Chairman Alan Kaye won! 

The main part of Andy’s presentation stemmed around polishing process looking specifically at when issuing disciplinary action, quick vs slow cards, and managing the incident as a whole. Video clip analysis was used to create discussion with specific focus on the difference between reckless and serious foul play challenges. All clips came with a definitive outcome and key learning points.  


A vote of thanks was given by Conor Ledgeway for our guest. 


Next meeting will be the Christmas Quiz on 7 December

Raffle and No.s board

Meeting closed at 21:32

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