Misconduct Reporting

The Whole Game System (WGS)  is where all cautions / send offs are recorded by the referee.

Cautions and sendings off are basic tick sheets so easy to complete

Remember from 2019-20 the use of Temporary Dismissals (Sinbins) come into operation in Grassroots; see separate page on this website

Misconduct Reports – click on title or picture for link to blank reports


The FA Whole Game System (WGS) is now available to all referees for recording cautions and send offs. Go to the NRCFA login to enter details.

The following is a extract from the NRCFA website where you also find info about the WGS:

Misconduct reporting

It is vital that when match officials report misconduct, you submit the forms to the correct association for processing via WGS. Not doing so causes significant delays to the disciplinary process and creates additional work for those involved by having to advise where reports should be sent to. Therefore, it is essential that when officiating in a match, you are aware of where to send both participating teams’ disciplinary reports. If you are in any doubt then please refer to the details that follow, or by contacting the FA Referees or Disciplinary Departments, or North Riding FA, who will be able to advise you.

All misconduct reports should be reported to the local County Association that the team affiliates to (in other words the County that the team plays in), other than teams participating in more senior football and cup competitions.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above please contact NRCFA on 01642 717773 or Ross Joyce (Referee Development Officer) at ross.joyce@northridingfa.com / 07872 469952.

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