Become a Referee

New Referees Wanted

We are always pleased to see new referees joining our ranks.

If you want to find out more, or wish to register on a course with the NRCFA, please visit the
NRCFA Becoming a Referee website. You can also get in touch with us using the details on the Contact Us page.

On any referees course you will learn the Laws of Association Football, and if completing the written / oral exam successfully, will become a qualified Level 9 referee. From there the Referees’ Association will help you in terms of practical refereeing.

The FA Refereeing Training Course

Block 1Initial Taster Introduction (Pre-course activity) – this session will provide an overview of the full FA Referee Course and the opportunities for referees within the county. It will also provide more details on the FA Safeguarding and CRC check processes. Parents of younger referees are encouraged to attend this session in order to better understand the requirements of a referee

Block 2Practical Referee Training (Day 1)
This is an all-day session so you will need to come prepared with food and drinks etc., plus come suitably dressed; a change of footwear is essential as are shin-guards.  It will involve learning how to referee outside on the field of play and also involve some classroom work.  You will be given the learning resources and all necessary equipment (whistle, red/yellow cards etc.) at this session but you will need to bring a pen and pad to take notes.  At the end of this day, you will have the opportunity to referee part of a game among your group of candidates.

Block 3Law 12 (Fouls & Misconduct). This is a 3 hour session which will include ‘Recognising Challenges’ and the Misconduct procedure

Block 4Practical Referee Training and Evaluation (Day 2)

This is a second all-day session which will be mostly completed outside on the field of play.  The second part of the day includes a practical evaluation where you will have another opportunity to referee part of a game among the group.  The evaluation will include staged scenarios which will provide you with opportunity to consolidate your learning from the previous sessions and receive immediate feedback

The candidate will then become a qualified Level 9 referee.

Block 5 – Experience & Mentored Unit – Having successfully graduated from the first four units of the training course, you will now officiate in a minimum of 5 games of football (9v9 or 11v11) and will be mentored during a game by FA Referee Mentors.  A record of these games is compiled as evidence of your development.  During this period, in addition to gaining practical experience, you will have time to learn and revise the Laws of the Game thoroughly before returning to complete the final unit of the course

Block 6ReflectionFA Examination & Call Back Unit – This is a 2 hour session and the final part of the course.  It involves the successful completion of the FA Examination of the Laws of the Game (a multiple choice examination of approx. 30 minutes duration), and an opportunity to review and discuss your learning experiences from your games thus far as a trainee referee.  You will be rewarded with an FA Referee Certificate of Qualification along with an FA Referee badge when successful completion of the course is attained (usually within 4 weeks of completion of the course).

There is also a requirement for candidates to complete the Safeguarding Children Workshop (Child Protection) as well as the CRC check (where appropriate).

Successful completion of all six units of The FA Referee Course sees the candidate move from FA Level 9 (trainee) to FA Level 8 referee (if aged 14 or 15) or FA Level 7 referee (if/when aged 16 or over).

If interested contact the York RA Training Officer

or for more details on refereeing see NRCFA website