Alan Dennison’s Funeral Wed 24 January 2024 at 10am

Following the sad news of Alan’s death in early January, we can announce that funeral arrangements have now been made

Lol Cussons Award recipient Alan Dennison

Alan Dennison receiving the first Lol Cussons award from Chairman John Ledgeway and Lol’s son Dave on 11 Feb 2011


Wednesday 24 January 2024


at St Paulinas RC Church

Monkton Road, York, Yo31 9AX


Invitations afterwards at New Earswick Bowls Club, York, YO32


Alan’s wife, Patricia, would be delighted if Alan can have a good send off

All are welcome

Meeting Minutes – January 2024

January Members Meeting at York Hospital Social Club- 04 January 2024


Apologies: Brian Smith, Andy McEvoy, Vlad Mollov, 

The meeting began at 19:40 with 82 members present for the January meeting with special guest Anthony Taylor, one of our leading Premier League and FIFA referees. 

Chairman Alan introduced the evening by welcoming all members present.


A moment’s silence was given for Alan Dennison who sadly passed away yesterday. Alan was a much treasured member of our association who would regularly attend meetings for many years. He will be a huge loss and our thoughts are with his family and friends. 

Next month’s meeting is Gareth Vickers and Jayne Sims is the March meeting.

Alan then introduced our special guest for the evening before Anthony took to the stage. 


Anthony Taylor:

Anthony gave us a very insightful evening with clips combined with lots of questions from various people in the room. Conversations touched on head injuries, stopping play, cautions after promising attacks, dissent sin bins, handball, and the Christian Erikson incident at Euro 2020.  

It was excellent to have such a high profile referee with us which was told in the number of people in attendance. Lots of positive comments were given in Anthony’s transparency and honesty with his answers throughout his presentation.

Matt Messias gave a vote of thanks to Anthony which highlighted the key aspects of Anthony’s presentation. 



Membership was highlighted with future events and the website highlighted for all.

Meeting closed at 21:30

Members Meeting – 7 December 2023

December Members Meeting at York Hospital Social Club – 07 December 2023


Apologies: Brian Smith, David Milburn, Andy McEvoy, Matt Messias, Sam Bayley, Colin Coote, Lennon Gillan, Geoff Hartley, Bradley Hall, Vlad Mollov, 

The meeting began at 19:37  with 31 members present for the Christmas Quiz hosted by Macauley Gibson.


Chairman Alan introduced the evening and welcomed new and returning members. He congratulated Charlotte Jaques-Smith on her recent promotion to Level 6 and Conor Ledgeway on his new role from January as North Riding County RDO. Guest speakers for upcoming meetings announced:

Jan- Craig Pawson

Feb- Gareth Vickers

March- Jane Simms 


Members were then asked about any issues at games with advantage being a hot topic from the recent Tottenham v Man City game. Discussion was had on when and how to apply advantage, with it being agreed that sometimes that split second wait time can be useful and also that it needs selling well for the games benefit but also the referees benefit. 


Christmas Quiz:

Macaulay ran us through his ultimate quiz with rounds on football, sport, capital cities, human body, and Christmas songs! A short break was had for the Pizzas and buffet! Team 3 were the winners with 49.5!



Meeting closed at 21:30 with festive wishes given by Chairman Alan

Meeting minutes – 2 November 2023

November Members Meeting at York Hospital Social Club- 2 November 2023


Apologies: Brandon Bishop, Andy McEvoy, Mark Benton, Matt Messias 

The meeting began at 19:34 with 28 members present for the guest speaker Andy Himsworth, FL Match Observer and FA CORE Performance Coach

Chairman Alan introduced Andy before welcoming new faces in the room. He then commended the award of Dave King’s 50 years service to football award at the recent North Riding FA awards dinner. Special mention also given to member Andy Kay who received ‘referee of the year.’

Local issues- Macaulay Gibson talked us through his issue at Bridlington Town with two Brighouse town players fighting each other on the half time whistle. Members were asked what they would do in this situation. It was agreed that both players needed to be sent off for their actions and that it needed to be communicated to the management team if the player has gone into the dressing room before being shown the red card.

Gaz Rhodes also brought up a situation in law that has happened recently with a goalkeeper slipping and taking a goal kick but after realising the striker would get the ball he picks it up. Many different outcomes were discussed with the correct outcome being a red card for DOGSO and indirect free kick to the attacking team. 

Barry Casterton gave an insight into safeguarding explaining how the minor league are fully supporting all referees if there are any issues at games.  


Andy Himsworth (Unplugged):

Andy gave us a very insightful presentation beginning with an introduction of who he is and how he got to where he is. This was before playing the ‘infamous’ game ref or chef in which Chairman Alan Kaye won! 

The main part of Andy’s presentation stemmed around polishing process looking specifically at when issuing disciplinary action, quick vs slow cards, and managing the incident as a whole. Video clip analysis was used to create discussion with specific focus on the difference between reckless and serious foul play challenges. All clips came with a definitive outcome and key learning points.  


A vote of thanks was given by Conor Ledgeway for our guest. 


Next meeting will be the Christmas Quiz on 7 December

Raffle and No.s board

Meeting closed at 21:32

Meeting Minutes – 5 October 2023

October Members Meeting at York Hospital Social Club- 05 October 2023

Apologies: Garreth Rhodes, Graham Bradbury, Brandon Bishop, David Millburn, Colin Coote, Lennon Gillan

The meeting began at 19:40 with 38 members present for the guest speaker Tony Harrington, Premier League Referee from Hartlepool.

Chairman Alan introduced Tony before welcoming new faces in the room, giving special thanks to Andy Kay for inviting youth referees. 

Conor Ledgeway started a discussion around his game last month- Scunthorpe United v Buxton in which the game was abandoned in the 96th minute due to a waterlogged pitch. Many views were expressed with the key learning that we must always be prepared and that player safety has to come first. Learning points were noted on ensuring everyone is aware of what is happening and why and being able to communicate this effectively.


Minutes silence for Tom Hughes 

Tony Harrington:

Tony began his presentation giving a background on his refereeing journey from 14 in Hartlepool through to the Premier League. This journey took him through the Hartlepool Sunday League, Northern League, Conference North/Premier, Football League, Championship and most recently Premier League.

Tony then talked through his lifestyle as a Premier League referee with all the training requirements and schedule. He spoke through his injury struggles and his expected role of VAR over the next couple of months. This led into some VAR clips for the remainder of the evening prompting plenty of discussion and learning opportunities. Some of the instances centered around penalty/non penalty decisions alongside sending off/cautionable offenses. Key learning also took place on the role of the VAR and understanding if the decision is a clear and obvious error. 

Following the clips, Tony then took questions surrounding managing the game, different levels of the game and the Women’s game. 

A vote of thanks was given by Myles Smith for our guest. 


Future meeting dates and guests announced for new members with the hope that they will return next month for Andy Himsworth. It was excellent to have such an attendance. 

Raffle and No.s board

Meeting closed at 21:55

Meeting Minutes – 7 September 2023

September Members Meeting at York Hospital Social Club- 7 Sept 2023


Ian Hotchkies, Andy McEvoy and Sam Bayley

Introductions and information from the summer

The meeting began at 19:38 with 30 members present for the guest speaker Matt Messias

We had one new member on the evening, Neil Hunter from Poppleton who has recently passed the February referees course.

Myles Smith and Vlad Mollov welcomed onto the committee

David Milburn congratulated on his achievement in Rugby League as a match commissioner

The SILVER QUEST Award was highlighted that was presented at our 2022 annual dinner

David King applauded for his achievements which saw him end up at Wembley over the summer

Law updates

Dave King ran members through the most recent changes in the LOTG, albeit fairly minor changes for the new season


Barry Casterton talked us through some current safeguarding issues and upcoming courses

Clip Analysis

Alan showed a range of different clips from his recent games, sparking debate around simulation, technical area misconduct, and penalty kick decisions

Matt Messias:

Chairman Alan introduced Matt Messias, one of our own members who is an ex FIFA & Premier League Referee. Matt began his presentation with a special thanks to Dave King to recognise his 50 years lifetime award. Matt then proceeded to host an interactive discussion around mass confrontations. Referees from different years of experience were put together on tables to discuss the different stages of what is best practice when confrontations occur. It was a very informative evening, that was well received by all those in attendance… a good turnout for the first meeting of the season


Date of next meeting – 5 October 2023


Meeting closed at 21:50


Inaugural FA Referee Recognition Awards – 2023

FA Referee Awards at Club Wembley – 5 June 2023

The National FA asked for nominations for 12 prestigious awards and David King was nominated for a “Lifetime Achievement Award” to refereeing

This award is for someone in the refereeing community who has made an outstanding contribution to the development, administration and servicing of officiating and who has made a career-long contribution to refereeing, creating a legacy of improved outcomes for individuals, communities, and the wider population

Along with many others he travelled to Wembley on the 5 June (his birthday) with his wife, Yvonne

At the dinner on the evening David was awarded a “Lifetime Achievement” Award from the FA….to his surprise; a day not to be forgotten

David was very humbled by this tremendous award for over 50 years service to refereeing including mentoring, observing, tutoring, coaching, etc and still continues today

York RA Annual Dinner

19 May 2023

At Delta Marriott Hotel, York

Guests Howard Webb and Bibiana Steinhaus-Webb

Over 60 members / guests attended the annual dinner and were treated to a great event

The annual awards were made to the FA Cup officials (Sophie Wood was present to accept her Junior Cup tankard from Bibi)

The Chairman’s Trophy and the Lol Cussons Award both went to Conor Ledgeway for his work during the season….he eve had the audacity to win the “Numbers Board” first prize

There were also important awards from the National RA presented by John Wilson:

York RA were awarded the Silver Quest (accepted by the President)

Ian Hotchkies received his RA 50 year Award

Ian was then presented with his Life Membership of the National RA

Both awards to Ian were well deserved for over 40 years as York RA Secretary

On top of this York RA presented Ian with an appreciation of his time as Secretary…..being replaced by Conor, as agreed at the recent AGM

A brilliant evening with guests Howard and Bibi sharing their careers with everyone

…………………..another very successful year for York RA

York RA awarded the Silver Quest Award

19 May 2023 at the Delta Marriott Hotel 

National RA member John Wilson presented our President,  Ian Hotchkies, with the Silver Quest, having already been awarded the Bronze Award in 2014

This was primarily thanks to the efforts of Conor and Barry for putting the details together for the submission

It shows that the Association is going in the right direction since COVID times and all that brought

Well done to everyone involved

Meeting minutes – 4 May 2023

Minutes of AGM held at NHS Club

4 May 2023

with 20 members present


Apols (8) were receive from JP Gordon, A McEvoy, D Milburn, M Messias, S Bayley, S Wood, G Rhodes and I Smellie

AGM minutes from 2022 were agreed

Chairman’s report – had been in Chair for four years now, dominated by the COVID bug. Like all organisations we suffered but seemed to be getting back on track now. He thanked all, committee, members and guests over the year. Thanks also to the NHS Club and Donna for the use of the facilities. Looking forward  to attaining the Silver Quest Awards and the Annual Dinner with numbers up (60’s). Hoping that more younger and lady refs in the area will become members in the future.

Secretary’s Report – written and passed to members (meeting average at 28)

Treasurer’s Report – a written balance sheet was circulated. Ran at a small loss but a healthy balance. Most of the subs to go National RA and the dinner (which is expected). Was discussed and accepted. Transaction fees to be reviewed by new committee.

Safeguarding Officer – 18 cases of under-18’s, players, refs, etc. Mainly disciplinary procedures letting people down. Stressed that when reporting, check everything prior to reporting. Abide by the rules and regs, especially with U18’s

VoT given to retiring officers

Election of Officers – Chair; A Kaye, Vice Chair; Vacant, Secretary; C Ledgeway, Safeguarding; B Casterton, Communications; D King, Treasurer; J Ledgeway, Youth Member; M Gibson

There being no permissible business the meeting closed 8.05pm



Minutes of meeting held at NHS Club

4 May 2023

with 20 members present


Apols as AGM

Minutes silence for Eric Chapman, ex-member and appointments secretary for many years with York Minster League and York Minor League. Always donated a bag of spuds for a raffle prize at our meetings. A person you could not refuse when he rang looking for a referee at short notice, like 10pm on a Friday evening.

Also Keith Sales (Pickering) of the Becket League for many years

The Chairman then showed some clips of matches he had been involved with (as PGMOL assessor) and invited discussion. This proved very enjoyable (even though projector failed)

Meeting closed at 9.40pm