Members Meeting – 7 December 2023

December Members Meeting at York Hospital Social Club – 07 December 2023


Apologies: Brian Smith, David Milburn, Andy McEvoy, Matt Messias, Sam Bayley, Colin Coote, Lennon Gillan, Geoff Hartley, Bradley Hall, Vlad Mollov, 

The meeting began at 19:37  with 31 members present for the Christmas Quiz hosted by Macauley Gibson.


Chairman Alan introduced the evening and welcomed new and returning members. He congratulated Charlotte Jaques-Smith on her recent promotion to Level 6 and Conor Ledgeway on his new role from January as North Riding County RDO. Guest speakers for upcoming meetings announced:

Jan- Craig Pawson

Feb- Gareth Vickers

March- Jane Simms 


Members were then asked about any issues at games with advantage being a hot topic from the recent Tottenham v Man City game. Discussion was had on when and how to apply advantage, with it being agreed that sometimes that split second wait time can be useful and also that it needs selling well for the games benefit but also the referees benefit. 


Christmas Quiz:

Macaulay ran us through his ultimate quiz with rounds on football, sport, capital cities, human body, and Christmas songs! A short break was had for the Pizzas and buffet! Team 3 were the winners with 49.5!



Meeting closed at 21:30 with festive wishes given by Chairman Alan

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