Meeting Minutes – 7 September 2023

September Members Meeting at York Hospital Social Club- 7 Sept 2023


Ian Hotchkies, Andy McEvoy and Sam Bayley

Introductions and information from the summer

The meeting began at 19:38 with 30 members present for the guest speaker Matt Messias

We had one new member on the evening, Neil Hunter from Poppleton who has recently passed the February referees course.

Myles Smith and Vlad Mollov welcomed onto the committee

David Milburn congratulated on his achievement in Rugby League as a match commissioner

The SILVER QUEST Award was highlighted that was presented at our 2022 annual dinner

David King applauded for his achievements which saw him end up at Wembley over the summer

Law updates

Dave King ran members through the most recent changes in the LOTG, albeit fairly minor changes for the new season


Barry Casterton talked us through some current safeguarding issues and upcoming courses

Clip Analysis

Alan showed a range of different clips from his recent games, sparking debate around simulation, technical area misconduct, and penalty kick decisions

Matt Messias:

Chairman Alan introduced Matt Messias, one of our own members who is an ex FIFA & Premier League Referee. Matt began his presentation with a special thanks to Dave King to recognise his 50 years lifetime award. Matt then proceeded to host an interactive discussion around mass confrontations. Referees from different years of experience were put together on tables to discuss the different stages of what is best practice when confrontations occur. It was a very informative evening, that was well received by all those in attendance… a good turnout for the first meeting of the season


Date of next meeting – 5 October 2023


Meeting closed at 21:50


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